Community Sweat

When Kinetic Living opened one of our main goals was to create a space that was true to the meaning of the word Kinetic.

“An energetic and dynamic way of living; resulting from motion; producing movement for effect.”

Within this space we also wanted it to be welcoming and inclusive to all types of sports, lifestyles and bodies. One aspect of our community sweats that brings us joy is being able to share in new experiences with amazing people that are all an important piece in our growing village.

Our first sweat was held at the Garneau Beach and Tennis Club. We were welcomed by the onsite Beach Pro Jae-Lyn Visscher. With Jae’s help she led us through a refresher of the basic skills needed for Volleyball and a few differences in beach. She then got us moving into the sand with some warm up drills like pepper, and serving before we teamed up for our Round Robin Tournament.

Our teams of six took the sand to start the tournament but first came together to learn their awesome Team names. Competing for the first time in sand together we had: The Volley Llamas, Some Spike it Hot, Notorious D.I.G, Mission Unblockable and May the Spike be with you.

One of the more special parts of the night was the constant effort and encouragement that came from everyone on each team. The amount of sandy dives and digs that took place was truely incredible.

I don’t know if the pictures show it enough but the ear to ear smiles lasted the entire night. Through the rain and into the night match after match the smiles and high fives continued and brought us all closer. I can only speak for myself but I smiled the entire car ride home with how much fun it was sweating in the rain and sand with this special group.

Something that stood out was the level of confidence that was built throughout the night. The skill levels ranged was from never had played to some previous college players. It was really impressive to see how together everyone seemed to support and help each other out and grow as players in such a short amount of time.

We hope that with each community sweat we are able to continue to create a space that is welcoming and open to everyone who is looking to come sweat and push themselves. Our goal is to encourage you to come try something new with a group likeminded people and hope you leave surprised with a new skill you had hidden within the entire time.


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