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Jamie Klassen | @jamiemklassen

Jamie Klassen is a runner, coffee aficionado and lover of all things outdoors. Her passion, determination and grit have afforded her the title of badass runner in YEG.

How long have you been running for?

“ I have been running for about 15 years. Some years more kilometers than others, but always coming back to running.”

Why did you start running?

“I grew up surrounded by people who were active, so running just seemed natural to take up. While initially it was about staying in shape, it quickly transitioned into a way to cope with life challenges. It became my version of therapy.”

What is your biggest achievement / or milestone in your running journey?

“Marathon training — it was one of the most isolating and challenging things I’ve ever done. The time commitment (including getting enough sleep, fitting in long runs on weekends and having to turn down social engagements) to train properly, the pain your body feels and the roller coasters of emotions (not to mention the constant hunger) was more than I could have every anticipated. The feeling of reaching taper week was such a relief. At that point, I knew I had put the work in, so whatever happened at the race, I was already proud of myself for what I sacrificed and worked for.”

How has Chiropractic played a part of your preparation and recovery?

“I started visiting a chiropractor when I was young for headaches. It wasn’t until I started seeing a chiropractor who did ART, did I realize how beneficial treatment could be and for more than just the cliche back cracking. When I started seeing Dr. Kara she completely changed my mentality towards Chiroporactic and the role it plays in preventative health. I keep a routine appointment schedule to keep my legs, hips and upper body loose and pain free (as much as they can be in the middle of training!). I now see Chiropractic as a way to maintain my overall health rather than fix issues. I can’t imagine training without the support, guidance and treatments of Dr. Kara.”

Are you doing any races this year?

“I have already done a half marathon (May), and upcoming I have the Lululemon 10K (going for the experience, not the result!), Oregon Marathon in mid-July, Squamish 50 Mile trail race mid-August and the Chicago Marathon in October.”

Where is your favourite place to run? Do you prefer running in groups or solo?

“I love running on the single track trails in the river valley. There are so many spots where you can’t hear any traffic and you completely forget you’re in the city. Plus you run into deer, beavers, porcupines and birds. It’s like being transported to this whole other world right down the street from my house.”

“Whether I run alone or in a group depends a lot on what my run consists of. I prefer company on my long runs and on trails. But those runs that I need to put the work in (like a tempo run or speed work), I prefer to suffer alone. I do believe in having an accountability buddy (for example, someone to meet up with you for intervals, whether you’re running the same set or speed). It helps a lot!”

What motivates you to keep running?

“Running still continues to play the role of therapy, allowing me to work things out in my head when I’m out alone on the trail or pavement. It also gives me the sense of control in times of my life when I feel I’m unable to control what is going on around me — I can control where, when and how fast I run. I also feel like the best version of myself when I run — healthy, strong, engaged.”

Whats the best post run snack?

“I always crave bubbles after a run, so a cold sparkling water (currently obsessed with Pink Grapefruit Bubly) and fruit, like grapes, watermelon, cherries. Anything cold, juicy and crisp. It has to be cold. No room temperature fruit.”

Any long term running goals?

“For the next year, my goal is to get not only another BQ, but also entry for 2020. My long term goal is to stay healthy and to maintain my love of running. I want to be that 85 year old lady breaking 5k records.”

Any advice for people looking to start running?

“1) Strength training is so important! Strengthening your hips and glutes, it will make a huge difference!
2) Don’t compare yourself to others. We are all at different stages in our running — you can’t expect on day one to have the endurance or be as fast as someone who’s been running for 10 years. That’s okay! Where you are is perfect.”

Lastly can you give us a quote or inspiration for new runners.

“The real purpose of running isn’t to win a race; it’s to test the limits of the human heart.” - Bill Bowerman, co-founder of Nike

Photos captured by Cooper & O’Hara | @cooperandohara

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