Team Sweat - Grant MacEwan University Women’s Soccer

We met up with the MacEwan Women’s Soccer team for a Team Sweat at Champs Boxing Studio this past month. Putting the bronze medalists to the test, we found out just how tough and powerful this group of women truly are. Nothing was left on the table as we participated in a high intensity K.O. class led by Erin from the Champs Boxing Crew.

The team is no stranger to hard-work, perseverance and dedication — especially this season. Despite a heart-breaking loss and possibility of the U SPORTS national championships, the team topped the Prairie Division with the best regular season record in program history!

They’re getting ready to make a comeback next season, better than ever. Starting with a Team Sweat.

Champs Boxing Studios’ K.O. class makes you work! With a mix of cardio and interval training, Erin put the team through the ringer, literally.

After the work out we grounded ourselves via a session incorporating vision and goals for the upcoming soccer season alongside Alyssa, assistant store manager of Lululemon. She led the team through introspective reflection to help them identify their values, priorities, and practices — allowing them to refocus their energy as to what matters most to them.

Up next, the Team completed a series of upper body stretching, rolling and mobility exercises by Dr. Kara to recover post-boxing and combat student posture habits. Post work-out stretching and recovery is crucial to maintaining mobility and injury prevention.

These women showed how strong they are both physically and mentally. After their day with Kinetic Living, Champs Boxing Studio, and Lululemon, they’re ready to take on whatever comes next, both in life and in sport.

Photography: Ula Kaniuch @avibrantmind

A multi-disciplinary health facility for your body and your sport.

A multi-disciplinary health facility for your body and your sport.